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Thank you! I will try your suggestions today!


By Yia

United States Us

I just looked outside and I think I have the perfect place for it. Will add some Rhodie food too.

On plant Pieris japonica



My first guess would be that it may be in a spot that isn't acid enough. Pieris like to be in acidic soil.
My second guess would be that it just needs a good feeding. Something with higher first number (nitrogen) and suitable for evergreens, rhododendrons and azeleas.
My only other suggestion would be that it may be getting too much sun, depending on where you live in the Pacific Northwest. They usually do like a bit of shade at some point during the day.

18 Aug, 2009


I agree, wrong soil/compost and/or too much sun's usually the problem.
I love those plants :)

18 Aug, 2009


I agree with that too :)

18 Aug, 2009


If its in a pot, buy some ericaceous compost and repot it in that. If in the ground, its a woodland plant and likes dappled shade and moisture retentive, but not wet, soil, so if you can move it to a shadier spot, do so, and surround the rootball with ericaceous compost. You may need to give it a dose once or twice a year with sequestrene or whatever you have over there that's an acidifier, if it is in the ground and not a pot.

18 Aug, 2009

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