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I just received a plant for my office. it seems to be needing water. How much water should I give it daily?




I have no idea what the plant is, X, but when I scrolled down the picture my reaction was that it needs to be in a much larger container.

24 Oct, 2012


Agree - it needs potting on into a larger pot with more compost, and preferably into a pot which has drainage holes. Since yours is standing on what looks like carpet, it seems there are no drainage holes in the current pot - there should be, and you will need to provide a container for the pot to stand on or in to prevent the carpet getting wet or stained.
The chances are the plant is currently potbound, which means the pot is full of roots and not much soil, which then means very frequent watering because there's no soil to hold onto the moisture.

24 Oct, 2012


That species (Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana') likes to be crowded, but that one is pretty much at the limit. I would use a fast draining potting soil, preferably "Cactus Mix", if you can find it, and a pot no more than 4 inches wider than the one it's in now. Watering frequency will depend on the temperature and humidity in the office, so I would feel the soil regularly, and water it when it's dry about an inch down. Typical watering schedules run about once every 2-6 weeks. When you water, try to soak the soil thoroughly, and then use a bulb baster to suck the excess water out of the saucer, so the roots don't rot.

27 Oct, 2012

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