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should i feed my roses and camellias now for winter or leave until spring



No, no feeding at this time of year. The plants are readying themselves for winter now that the days are shortening, and will not be taking up any feed anyway. Generally, no plant in the ground should be fertilised after end of June or early July unless its an annual.

24 Oct, 2012


Most feed would wash away during the winter months too, so you would be wasting your money as well. Instead you could consider mulching deeply as that will be taken into the soil by the worms and will protect any nutrients already there from being washed out.

25 Oct, 2012


Rightly or wrongly, I have just spread a deep mulch of rotted manure round the base of all my roses. It's what I always do every autumn. Aren't you supposed to? I would have considered that a kind of nutrient source. I also give them a dressing of rose feed in spring, and they seem to thrive on it. Am I wasting my muck pile?

26 Oct, 2012

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