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whats pulling up my turf


By Westway

United Kingdom Gb

thanks for the answers, but this was done at night and one large bit was even rolled up other bits just seemed to have been lifted back most peculiar any other ideas, could it be badgers although never seen a badger in my garden before only foxes



In that case i would say it's the foxes they have some strange habits I've even watched them playing with a ball in my garden.

5 Sep, 2009


You need a videocam! Could be foxes playing, as Tulsalady says; here they've been known to pinch the washing off the line and play with it, and to take shoes left outside and maul those around. Just can't think why they'd want to peel back grass - unless there's something under there they want.

5 Sep, 2009


If it in publics eye then it may someone may of been trying to nick it! It has been know for thieves to roll up new lawns from people front gardens and 'run off' with it'

5 Sep, 2009

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