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Hello all , I have a lovely Christmas Catcus just coming into flower... or at least i did have untill the stems started falling off ! they seem to come off at soil level and on inspection they have few roots , i am careful with the watering and wondered if it could be 'mealy bugs ' ? anyone else had this problem or can help ... many thanks



If it's coming off at soil level, and there are no roots, it could be vine weevil larvae.
Tip the compost out, and if you see fat white grubs, that's what it is. They eat the roots.
You'll have to kill them all, or dispose of the compost.
I'm sorry to hear this has happened to your cactus. You may be able to use the bits that came off, as cuttings.

11 Nov, 2012


Hi Hywel , Thank you for your suggestion and advice going to do it first thing in the morning ....looking for those fat white grubs that is ! , and will re -pot some cuttings also , thanks again .

11 Nov, 2012


Good luck !

11 Nov, 2012

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