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Cordyline Australis "Red Star"


By Roundsy

Victoria, Australia Au

I live in North East Victoria, I'm just wondering what is the best time of the year to cut a cordyline australis red star ?



As far as I'm aware, Cordylines shouldn't be "cut" or pruned. What exactly do you want to do with it?

17 Sep, 2009


They are getting to tall so I would like to cut them in half and propagate the upper half. I was told this can be done ?

17 Sep, 2009


I've no idea whether that's true or not, I'm afraid. Even so, this kind of thing, I would have thought, would be better done in the spring, and yours must be approaching now ,or you're already in it, so give it a go now, if you want to try it.

17 Sep, 2009

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