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Mespilus germanica ?

Malta Mt

Hi Peter

I am a gardener and a botanist. I have come across a shrub in an old garden, that at first I tghought it was a Mespilus germanica. The shrub did not produce flowers or fruits, so making my identification harder. Can you take a look at the picture and maybe say what you think of it? I have more photos of the plant.

Thank you very much and thumbs up for your excellent site.

Best regards
Alex Casha

On plant Mespilus germanica




Hi Alex, its hard to make out but the leaves look to be in opposite pairs? (ignoring the Lonicera at the bottom).

I would say that the leaf looks very like the plain species form of Viburnum tinus.


20 Sep, 2009


Flowers of course would define it.

Compare leaf veins with this cultivar of V. tinus

20 Sep, 2009


Hi Peter, thanks for your help. I will check out the leaves on the site you listed.

Best regards

21 Sep, 2009

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