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Can I prune climbing roses roses now


By Pamelia

United Kingdom Gb

my climbers are all wood at the first two foot could I prune them down to say two foot now so that I get new growth next year or must I wait until Novenber



Hi Pamela, You can cut them back lightly now as the temperature is cooling down and the plants are all slowing down. Cut out any dead wood and branches that may be or might in the future start rubbing together thus causing damage and disease.Try to open the centre of the plant up also to create better air flow so reducing the dreaded fungal disease 'BLACK SPOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

23 Sep, 2009


If you have a climbing rose, it is its growth habit to have bare stems at the base, with leafy growth higher up. Is it possible for you to plant something else in front of the rose that covers up the bare stems, like a perennial or a small shrub of some kind? If you reduce the rose down to the level you want, you will still have all the growth back up near the top within a year.

23 Sep, 2009

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