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holly tree leaves falling

Ireland Ie

the leaves are turning purple and falling off the berrys dont look too good either the tree is about 6 years old,there are other hollys close by and they are fine




looks like it might be due to drought. give a good water. look for any fungi at the base too.

30 Sep, 2009


I agree, probably drought - trim back to live wood and water thoroughly.

30 Sep, 2009


thank you for replying to my holly problem,its definately not drought we have had the wettest summer on record and after 3 dry weeks in September the soil is pleasently moist around it there is no sign of any fungus near it ,there are other hollys growing about 6 feet away and they are fine

30 Sep, 2009


Well that'll teach us to assume you're in the same boat we're in in London, then! Its like the Sahara desert here... And that does look like drought in the picture. Have you inspected the leaves and stems thoroughly for signs of infestation or infection?

30 Sep, 2009


perhaps this spot got too wet and the roots have suffered as a consequence. excess water can cause symptoms similar to drought.

30 Sep, 2009


water never lies anywhere in the garden no matter how much it rains we have excellent drainage so i doubt very much if thats the cause really appreciate your advice,

30 Sep, 2009


i have just uploaded a close up of leaves

30 Sep, 2009


You can get purplish patches on the leaves of this plant from holly leaf miner, but it wouldn't cause the dieback - I'd like a close up of the dead, woody parts at the top. Any sign of orangy, woody pustule like things in the dead parts of the stems?

30 Sep, 2009


thank you will get close up tomorrow

30 Sep, 2009


Talk about daft questions, this may be a daft asnwer, but I have seen somthing like this befor , is there a dog or cat making it it's regular toiled, becaure their urine can have a deverstating efect on plants and bushes.

1 Oct, 2009

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