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How to look after a hibiscus


By Pinks33

United Kingdom Gb

I have a hibiscus which I bought in a pot. It was doing fine to begin with, with flowers etc. Then after a while the leaves went yellow and and some are now tinged with white. I planted it in the garden (where it gets sun for a decent part of the day) thinking that might help, but it seems to be getting worse. Any ideas about what I should be doing?



Hibiscus hate being disturbed did you move it when it was growing? So this may be lack of water need a lot in hot weather. Or too much water in cold weather.
Too much sun causes stress and the leaves turn yellow with white bits.

Hibiscus bushes discard their old leaves several times a year. The larger older leaves on the bottom of the bush will turn bright yellow a few days before they drop then the plant should look better.
Insectaside sprays will cause yellow leaves too. Hope this helps

4 Oct, 2009

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