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I have a Everlasting Pink Hydrangea, I was told that you could add peat moss and it would change the color is this true?



Hydrangea flowers can change colour with the soil acidity. Acid soils promote blue flowers; alkaline ones produce pink blooms.
But it depends what colour your hydrangea really is. If it is a variety bred for pink flowers, no amount of acid in the soil is going to change that. If it was bred to be blue, then you should see some change if the soil becomes more acid. If you are going to try this, I would also suggest using rain water to irrigate it as hard tap water will give an alkaline reaction and undo the soil change

27 May, 2008


Thank you, you are always so helpful. So it is true that peat moss will change the color make it more acid. My plant is one that can change color and i will use rain water or maybe the lake water what do you think?

27 May, 2008


There are compounds you can try to change pink to blue.These contain aluminium sulphate.Peat moss sounds acidic this would mean digging up plant and re planting,which may take sometime to re adjust to.

27 May, 2008


Guess I'll stay in the pink...
Thank you

But who knows maybe I'll get a burst of energy and dig it up and purchase some aluminium sulphate....well maybe not...LOL

28 May, 2008


You might also consider planting the oak-leaved hydrangea and get massive cream flowers like a bridal corsage whichever soil you have...........

29 May, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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