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Helleborus Orientalis
Two questions....
When is the correct time for cutting back the old scruffy looking foliage?
One of which I though was lost due to flooding in summer has started growing again - it is still very small and just emerging from the soil there is no foliage left - would I be best leaving it til it's a wee bit bigger before moving it to another spot?



We cut back hellebore foliage when it becomes 'old and scruffy looking'! So, whenever you want to.
I would leave the small one until late winter, just as it starts into growth, and move it then.

20 Dec, 2012


i always cut mine back around now when the new buds are just starting to pop up..

20 Dec, 2012


I leave mine til spring so the old scruffy leaves protect the new buds but its all a matter of taste/tidiness etc.

20 Dec, 2012


I tend to snip 'em off in Nov. Or when they look really awful.

I did allow new growth to develop before snipping my yellow one, whose name I have forgotten, and that seemed to work well; The foliage might not be to our taste in the garden but, left to its own devices in the wild...

I did transfer my yellow one when I moved. Alas.. I really must dig out the name and try again.

I transplanted loads of seedlings from the collection I had and most (maybe 70%) settled in well. I was astonished at how robust they could be.

21 Dec, 2012


I to tidy mine in Nov but any that need moved would wait till Spring Angie.

I shall see if I have any seedlings to send to you .

21 Dec, 2012


Thanks all. I will move the little one later on. It concerned me that I had left it too late but it seems not.
Thanks for all those who answered. Have a good Christmas x

21 Dec, 2012


The best time to move H x hybridus or H.orientalis, according to the experts and professional growers is Sept/October. They form their new roots at the onset of Autumn with colder weather. So if you are going to move them at any other time, then make sure you do as little damage to the existing roots as you can as they possibly will not make new ones until next Autumn.
Certainly the only real success I have had with seedlings is when I have moved them in September. The seedlings too are very susceptible to root drying. I dig them up and put them straight into a bucket of water where they stay until potted up.

22 Dec, 2012


Good info Owdboggy, thanks! I usually leave the old leaves on until I see new buds about to flower (thinking that they protect the new growth from the cold), but this year the leaves were ravaged by a horrible fungus, so I cut them all off a few weeks back. Since then I've read that they may not survive the fungal attack......time will tell. Last year was so awful for fungal nasties :(

22 Dec, 2012


Ours have had Black marks on the leaves every year since we planted the first ones, nearly 20 years ago. Have not lost any to the dread Black Death yet. As you say, if you remove the leaves promptly and any new growth which is damaged then the plants usually survive.

22 Dec, 2012


Thanks for that! :)

22 Dec, 2012


Thanks Owdboggy - that explains why one I moved year before last didn't survive.
I'll leave that little one until september - that will of course depend on the weather and if it can cope with anymore flooding!!!!
Karen - good luck with yours :)

23 Dec, 2012


Thanks :)

24 Dec, 2012

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