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My name is Angie. I've been a member here on GOY for well over a year now - thought it was about time I updated my profile.

I'm a forty something keen but not so clueless (since joining GOY) gardener! My confidence has grown ten fold over the past 16 months. It's amazing just how much advice and tips that are gleaned from other members.

My garden is still pretty much a 'work in progress' - who's isn't? I like to get outside everyday and do something - even if it's just a bit of tidying up. I get a rather guilty feeling if I find myself unable to get outside. My favourite rainy day job is weeding - I always find weeds pull better when the soil is damp. On a sunny day you will find me doing various chores. I've usually always got some project or other on the go!

My garden is shared with my 15 year old Standard Dachshund Oscar and my 3 cats - Titch, Chip and Kooki - 2 years old now, still very playful and still damaging plants by leaping about trying to catch insects!

2012 update...... Hasn't been the greatest of years weather wise!

The New Year brought with it gale force winds, which promptly brought the older garden fences to their knees. Fence erection began in earnest mid January. I have been known to brag that the only fences that didn't fall down were the ones I had put in since I moved here.

March - May
Saw a rather disappointing display from the many Rhododendrons and Azaleas I have in the garden. I put this down to the very mild winter we had. There was only one very brief flurry of snow and very little rain.
I was however very grateful that all my plants made it through winter - nothing lost! Being a very dry winter also meant that the usual spring slug damage was at a minimum. I took the opportunity to enchance the garden with a wildlife pond. Once in and planted up - I sourced some 'pond water' which came complete with many creatures and 2 tadpoles (christened Biff and Boff). Watching these 2 little guys mature into frogs was fascinating for both my neices. Shaira and Michaela were out everyday checking on the tadpoles. Michaella cried for 2 hours when we finally realised that they had gone out into the big wide world. GOOD LUCK BOYS!!!

May - August
RAIN, RAIN, RAIN....need I say anymore!!! Disappointment, discouraged and disillusion just about covers my feelings for summer this year. I lost a couple of cherished shrubs, a Cotinus, a Choisya and a rather gorgeous 'Blue' Holly. Flooding reached part of the garden that is usually quite dry. My gorgeous coral barked Acer began suffering, I removed it into a pot - where it suffered almost 75% die back. Nothing too lose - I cut the branches right back. I am pleased to say it's on the mend and looking much better. There are a few perennials just hanging on in there - now in pots hoping they will recover. Signs of life are there. The rain, also means moist damp conditions - the slugs and snails were by now having a field day. Echinacea, Lobelia, Lupins and Delphiniums were decimated within hours!
Since putting in my pond I made a conscience decision to cease the use of slug pellets in the garden. I have to admit - I had to resort to putting down a few just to try get on top of the situation.
We have now had almost 1 week of dry weather - just a few light showers during the night. Back to watering again, a chore which I soon got out of the habit of doing. Flowers are blooming and I think I will have more blooms in September than I have had in the last 6 months altogether!

My aims and ambitions for the garden have unchanged - the borders still need a bit more planning. My numerous pots and containers need displayed better for optimum enjoyment and I continue to encourage insects, bees, butterflies and other wildlife into my garden. Through my choice of planting, structures and feeding I am hopeful that I can succeed!

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  • Galanthus elwesii Mrs Macnamara, for bjs. (Galanthus elwesii (Snowdrop))
  • Galanthus elwesii Mrs Macnamara, for bjs. (Galanthus elwesii (Snowdrop))
  • Fuchsia magellanica Alba (Fuchsia magellanica)
  • Liriope muscari Royal Purple (Liriope muscari)

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