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Miniature 'Nelly Moser' ?


By Xela

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Back in the sixties my father grew a montana type clematis on an ornamental wall sheltering their patio. I recall the flower as being a miniature of Nelly Moser's, ie. each pale pink petal having a darker pink stripe down the centre of it. I would love to grow this plant in my garden but not knowing its name I am having difficulty in finding it. Of course it may be that my memory is playing tricks on me, but .........
I have asked my Mum about it but it means nothing to her and my Father's Alzheimers has progressed too far for him to even remember his garden. It is in part for that reason that I would like to source the clematis. Please, any ideas what it might be ?



I've checked my clematis book but I can find no montana type with flowers like Nelly Moser.
However, is it possible your father grew a variety called Bee's Jubilee? This is similar to Nelly Moser but more compact and was available from about 1960.
Hope this helps

1 Jun, 2008


Hi Xela will try and help but Spritzhenry really good on clematis so will probably know of other varieties.My guess would be c.'lincoln star' . Smaller flowers but similar to 'Nelly moser' then so is Barbara Jackman and Doctor Ruppel so guess depends how clear your childhood memory.Sorry to hear about your Father , my Mother suffered from age 55 my thoughts with you.

1 Jun, 2008


There are no montanas with stripes that I am aware of, I'm afraid. and I have looked in several books. I agree with Andrew and BB about the varieties they have named, they are similar in colour to Nelly, but slightly smaller flowers. There's also one which is a cross between 'Nelly Moser' and 'Kathleen Wheeler' called 'Charissima'. Have a google at these and see what you think. None of the suggestions flower as early in the year as a montana, though. Good luck in finding a substitute..

1 Jun, 2008


Hi Xela... sorry to hear about your Dad... I tried several sites but found an old one (goes back to 2000) called Howellsonclematis.
Posted by a Dr.John Howells...maybe no good to you at all but worth a try...or maybe you've alread seen it.. in anycase
good luck..hope you find what you're looking for.

2 Jun, 2008


There is a clematis called montana 'rubens' You might try looking for it on the web gardening catalogs. Described as pink flowering, 2-1/2 " across.Could be what you are looking for.

2 Jun, 2008


I've got that one, it's a pink 4-petalled montana with darkish leaves, no stripes. Nothing like Nelly, so I doubt if it's what you are looking for - I posted a photo on my page a while back, if you want to look at it.

2 Jun, 2008


Hi Xela - I have been so puzzled about your Clematis I have been researching and then, lo and behold, I bought a new Clematis book yesterday and there in a list of C.montanas is a reference to one called C.m. 'Freda'. Described as 'cherry-pink with dark edges'. Could this be it? I went to the RHS Plantfinder site but sadly, there are no listings. My new 2008-09 book is on its way to me so I will have a look in there for you (Unless you already have it?) You never know! Might strike lucky!

4 Jun, 2008


Very many thanks for all your suggestions and research. I am sure you have found the right one, Spritz. C.m. 'Freda' looks very familiar and would give a similar effect as Nellie. I would be interested to know when it was developed, if it a fairly new variety it may not have been available in the sixties. However, some suppliers list it as having been given the AGM which means it must have been through a trial period.
Thanks again to everyone for such a wonderful response.

4 Jun, 2008


Does that mean that you have the new RHS 'Plantfinder'? Mine has just arrived and I found 'Freda' listed. I hope you can track one down. Glad I was able to help, by the way!

5 Jun, 2008


No, sadly I have let my membership of RHS lapse, but I Googled it and some of the nurseries list it as having AGM status. Thanks again for your help, I am so looking forward to having C.m. 'Freda' flowering in my garden.

5 Jun, 2008

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