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Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

We have a garrya elliptica growing against a north wall. It is superb in winter with its tassels but now I am worried about invasive roots. The plant is near drains and the wall. Should we move it. We live in Derbyshire.



Oh dear, lots of questions I have to ask you, and you're a guest and won't be able to answer. Here they are anyway:
1. Any chance of a photograph of its situation?
2. How long has it been in situ
3. What kind of "drains" do you mean?

29 Nov, 2009


Guests can't post photos.

I have a Garrya Elliptica also growing against my house, it is considered a shrub, so I am not too worried about the roots as I've never heard of this type of shrub being invasive. If it was a lilac, I would be telling you a different story!

It is recommended to train a Garrya to grow up a wall like a climbing shrub and bearing that in mind I wouldn't be too concerned about the roots and your drains.

Plants that are invasive tend to pop up new shoots around the main plant.

Trees are a concern if planted too close to a house

29 Nov, 2009

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