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Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

I have two cordyline austalis planted on a nw corner of my north facing garden, both are about 4 to 5 metres tall and have flowered this year for the first time, these were originally in pots and are about 15 years old,. one has a smaller plant growing from the ground at the base of the trunk. My questions are how long do they live and can I separate the new plant and re grow elsewhere. Having read your website it appears these only grow well in the south yet I live in Cleveland and these two have flourished with very little attention apart from cutting dead leaves back and adding some bone meal fertliser. By the way the dead leaves are ideal as a substitute for garden twine if you split them down the length.




that use you describe was common practice in NZ amongst the Maoris, that and Phormium leaves.
As the offshoot is growing from the base of the plant, take a very sharp knife and remove it, taking a piece of root with it - this can then be grown on separately. To be done in Spring though.

29 Nov, 2009

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