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I bought three Winter Beauty clematis mail order 3 years ago. I gave 1 to my mum after a year of growing them on in pots . She lives on north east coast and has planted it against a windy fence south facing but in shade some of the day. She has flowers but I don't on either of my 2 remaining. One was planted 2 years ago on trellis fence south facing and had a single flower bud in December but what I thought was flower buds in the leaf joints have not developed. The second one is against a west facing wall in sun from midday in summer and same again - no flowers just immature buds in leaf joints. When this was in a pot in same place last winter It had half a dozen flowers. Any ideas what is going wrong. Thanks

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Ive got this one climbing the shed and arch which are east facing never had any trouble with it flowering and its been chopped about quite a lot when replacing the shed and again when it was redirected towards the green house.

4 Feb, 2013

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