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Pruning Montana Clematis


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I planted a montana in a large tub last spring and it has established well and has grown up and over a garden arch. However I am confused, the books say not to prune, however the tag that came with the plant says in its first year I should cut back to about 18" - I`m really not sure what to do. It is already sprouting buds high up on the plant. Any advice welcome.

On plant Clematis



I read that in a reputable Gardening magazine too. I also read my specialist books on Clematis (3 of them!) and there was no recommendation like that in any of them. I decided that I would look at the new Montana I put in last Spring and try to cut it back a little to build up its strength. I still hope to see some flowers this year by not taking it back too far! You can see that I am hedging my bets, can't you.

5 Feb, 2008


Can prune early summer for flowering next spring,not in winter! Feed and water afterwards.

5 Feb, 2008


According to my specialist clematis book, all top growth should be cut back in the second spring to just above the base of last year's growth to encourage it to become bushy and well-furnished at the base. Next year, you can start normal pruning. The book was written by Ray Evison who is a breeder so I think he knows what he is talking about!

5 Feb, 2008


The general advice is to cut any newly planted Clematis back to that sort of height straight after planting. As said, with Montanas, no further pruning, other than cosmetic is required. If there is only one stem coming from ground level and you want a bushy pant then you could do as Andrew suggests. You would of course lose any flowers for this season.

6 Feb, 2008


Agree with the above, montanas flower on old wood, so as a general guide do any pruning, selective or otherwise after flowering, it's easier to remember.

6 Feb, 2008


Thanks everyone, will let you know how I get on, think I will prune after flowering this year.

6 Feb, 2008


i cut back my neighbours Montana in late august 07 as id had a new fence erected&it was well over grown where the fence had2go?Hope it`l still Flower as it looked lovely last spring?

8 Feb, 2008

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