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I have a lovely orchid that my daughter gave me before Christmas I have it in a cool light hall and just give it a little water. It is still looking good but some of the little buds at he end of stems are drying out. Please any thing can do or is there a feed that I can get to keep it going. It is not the usual upright orchid , it has tiny flowers along curved stems, but guess same rules for all orchids. thanks for any help.



What type of Orchid is you got from your daughter?

I have moved my dends to my kitchen window sill.

Where they shall get more light.

But have to say orchids do not like the cold.

16 Feb, 2013


i have mine on an east facing window sill. i run the tap over its roots about once or twice a month but never leave it standing in water. hope this helps

17 Feb, 2013


Yes thats good what you do with your Orchids but Sandra you still need to feed them.

I Vitax Orchid growth feed and Vitax in bloom feed.
In growth when the blooms are finished .

17 Feb, 2013


Go to O at the bottom of the page and then choose orchids, the blog by the member Spritzhenry helped me to keep mine healthy and to get repeat flowering.
Lots of other help there too

17 Feb, 2013


Scotkat I feed my phails. once in a blue moon when I remember - they all keep going fine...

17 Feb, 2013


If thats works for you MG thats fine to.

And my way works excellent for me to and had many reblooms over the years.

17 Feb, 2013


mine have been re-flowering without feed for a couple of years now. maybe its because i have spring water in my taps. but i say whatever works for you. :-)

17 Feb, 2013

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