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Can anyone please advise me on the best treatment for our decking which has been down about 4 years. When it was first laid we did it with Ronseal Decking Stain and again 2 years later but with all the rain it started peeling off and now most of it is bare wood. I have tried to do some research but there are so many products on the market. Would some sort of deck oil be better?
Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.



You should not have to treat decking for 10/15 years we have had ours down for 7 years and its fine

9 Mar, 2013


deck oil or yatch varnish will be good too. A good chandler will be able to supply.

11 Mar, 2013


Ronseal decking stain is good BUT you have to wash down the decking first [and let it dry] to get any old moss etc off and old bits of paint.We used to have a hot south facing garden and the decking needed doing every couple of years to look really good.The hot sun affected the wood, and I guess very wet weather does too.try it again in a spell of dry sunny weather, if we ever get any!

12 Mar, 2013

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