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Trilliums - does the foliage die back in summer like other woodlanders? If so would they be happy planted to the rear of some Hostas - or would that be too much shade?



Yes and yes Scottish. Trilliums are early flowering bulbs and the foliage dies back in summer. Planted to the rear of hostas should not be a problem for them.

10 Mar, 2013


Thanks B - I doubt there will be much planting this week though!!

11 Mar, 2013


They do indeed die back. An anxious time can be spent at this time of year, in looking for new growth.

Mine seem to have made it as there are a few spikes on view.

What variety have you got? Will you please post pictures of their development?

I love Trillium. I am not sure what it is that attracts. - Perhaps it is their ...simplicity.

Hostas would indeed be ideal to grow on to cover fading foliage. Though some sort of slug-bait might be in order.

13 Mar, 2013


Our earliest trillium, T. chloropetalum, is in bud and almost ready to flower. This one puts it's nose up in late autumn and I used to get concerned that it would get frosted - no bother. It sat with a large nose above the ground during the very cold winter a couple of years ago with no harm done. Other trillium are pushing up in the garden now; this causes a problem with my big feet as I continue to tidy the garden!

13 Mar, 2013


I don't have big feet B and still have that problem.
Fractal the Trillium I have bought is Trillium Kurabiashii. Think that's the correct spelling.
I've only bought 1 as is was £13 for 1 planted and would rather wait and see how it does before slashing out for more. There is a flowers bud on it. I've read that they can take a few years before they flowers so at least I know it can flower

13 Mar, 2013

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