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Hi I live in a subtropical/temperate climate - Sydney, Australia- I have 10 hebes planted out about 3 months ago. Around 3 are having sections which go brown mid plant. Sections may be 1-2 stems or up to 5 stems in a clump. Along the stems the leaves are wilted, yellow and eventually brown, some with new leaf shoots along the same stem. They are in full sun. We have hot summers and mild-cool winters, they have just come through a fairly hot summer. They get water weekly or twice if no rain and hot, less of its there has been rain. Ive read about Fusarium oxysporum attacking hebe if drainage isn't prefect but 70% of the plants are!!! Thanks



I'm afraid this is out of my experience, but we have two Australian members who should be able to help - try sending a message to Bernieh or Marguerite. You do that by searching for their pages in the search box (top right), then 'send a private message'. Good luck!

26 Mar, 2013


I would have thought that newly planted Hebe,s which would more or less been the middle of your hot summer, would have needed a lot more water than you say you gave them, at least until they got established, I would try giving them more water, Derek.

27 Mar, 2013

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