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Hi everyone,
Would anyone be kind enough to tell me when to take cuttings from Rosa Banksia Lutea? as this rose flowers once in spring and needs protection during its first year. Would it need greenhouse or cold frame protection? By the way, this is an incredibly beutiful rose
Barmy Phil.



Hi Barmyphil, take hardwood cuttings in autumn, and keep them in a cold frame, they should be ready for planting out the following autumn, Derek.

25 Mar, 2013


Hi derekm, Thanks very much. I will try again come autumn. Failed miserably last year.
All the best to you.
Barmy Phil.

25 Mar, 2013


Hi, if you take cuttings about the thickness of a pencil, about 12" long and put them in a deep pot of gritty compost to 2/3 of their length, you should succeed, btw if the stems you use are longer than 12" you can get more than 1 cutting per stem, as long as the thickness is right, just make sure that the stem is the right way up, you can do this by making a flat cut at the bottom, and an angled cut at the top just where it becomes too thin, that way you always know which way is up, and don't cut too close to a bud, hope this helps, Derek.

27 Mar, 2013

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