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i have a pigmy plant, in a pot, that i have had since last year, my oh decided to cover with a plastic bag to protect from frost, i have now taken it of and it is brown with just one spike with green on, do i cut them all off or not, please help, i am not at all greenfingered but love palms and ferns, would like to buy more but not sure which ones, thankyou



If, by pigmy plant, you mean Pygmy Palm, the proper name for which is Phoenix roebelenii, yes, cut off the dead leaves at the base. If the green 'spike' is in the centre of the plant, then the growing point has been protected and it will recover during the summer.

9 Apr, 2013


thankyou bamboo, the green spike is on 1 of the fonds bamboo

9 Apr, 2013


Well, the fact there's any green at all is very hopeful!

9 Apr, 2013

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