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By Granny

Cumbria, United Kingdom Gb

I have bought 3 packets of seeds, Cornflower,Godetia & Candytuft. All state they are to sow directly into the soil.As I live in North Cumbria where it is wet & cold is it possible these seeds can be started off in trays/pots.



I start mine off in small cell trays/ little pots. they can then be planted out when bigger and the weather is better [hopefully!]

10 Apr, 2013


Thankyou. That way I know if they are germinating anyway.

10 Apr, 2013


Hi Granny,
The seed pkt info is only a guide as to when to sow,
if you think about it these seeds are sold all over the uk and the weather is colder for longer in some places but not in others,

Having said this, seed pkt info is very good ref how to bring the seeds on from sowing to planting, ie all the info you could need,
Its your area, you'll see for yourself what the weathers like and infact you'll know better than the seed people.

10 Apr, 2013

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