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I found an unopened bag of Aquatic compost (Arthur Bowers?) in the shed - bought last May. Will it still be ok and if so is there an alternative use I can use if for? I doubt my pond plants will need repotting for a while!



If it has stayed dry it will be fine for next year. or mix it with normal compost and use as normal. I don't use aquatic compost in the pond. I usually plant them in gravel and then they get their nutrients from the water due to the fish poo etc . saves muddying the water .

13 Apr, 2013


Thanks SGB - I'll just mix it through other compost and use it on the borders. I saw a feature on TV about not using compost in the pond a few days after buying this so I didn't use it.
I had hoped that due to it's supposed lack of nutrients I might have been able to use it (with something added) for my ever growing sempervivum collection.

14 Apr, 2013

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