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By Peteg

Bristol, United Kingdom Gb

Red & White Cylinders. Hi everyone - hope all's well in your corners of the world. I've just come in from the garden and I could do with some help. My pond plants, Rosemary and a few other things have small (3mm long, 1mm diam) rasberry-and-black striped cylinders all over them. I assume they are eggs/chrysalis - but of what?? I can't supply a photo 'cos my new phone won't upload anything to the PC! Any ideas, anyone?



Won't be eggs, nothing like that that I know of. Not the male flowers of a nearby conifer, are they?

20 Apr, 2013


Hi Worthy - Thanks for that. My first thought was that they looked 'conifer-ish' and there are conifers nearby - but there are so many I was taken back to the Cabbage White infestation last year!
These do seem to be more gravity-positioned and nothing gungy inside so ... we'll go with conifers. Thanks again - now I just have to worry about the weather and the slugs!

21 Apr, 2013

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