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I think the Amelancier will be too big for my forecourt. Is there something very showy with all year interest like it? Will be facing N.West.



Smaller than amelanchier? Not much if you want a tree. What about a crab apple. Malus 'Gorgeous' is a good one because the fruits hang on so long.

20 Apr, 2013


I do not know how big is your courtyard but I have couple of saskatoons. It is a compact shrub (can grow in a tree I suppose.) But there are lots of saskatoon serviceberries around on the Island and I have never seen them very large.
I grow it for the berries (I make jams) but it has a very nice upright form. I would think good for the courtyard.
Although I have to admit I never though of it as an ornamental tree :-)
I think it should be smaller than Malus unless it is a dwarf speciment. Also it can be messy in late fall when the fruit falls. Mine was.
I personally think that Weeping pussy 'Willow - Dwarf form- would look wonderful in a small courtyard.
or maybe the Dwarf Korean Lilac - Tree Form, Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' very fragrant, pale lilac flowers and small clean foliage. These two would be my suggestion for a tree in small courtyard.

21 Apr, 2013


Thank you all for that. I should have said, in UK a forecourt is very small, as in Bay & Forecourt.It would also have to be in a very large tub. We get a lot of high winds as are adjacent to the river.I thought it would be nice to have a plant that looked good in all the seasons, I have a Japanese Maple at the moment but it looks like a rag in winter!
I will look at the ones suggested with interest.

21 Apr, 2013


You can prune the Amelanchier lamarckii to keep it in size as with any tree and plant. They do nothing in winter though!

I think Monkey Puzzle looks nice in containers and actually adapts to it.

Holly is what I suggest though, you can prune it to any shape, wind resistant, evergreen. There are variegated ones and ones with different shaped leaves.

21 Apr, 2013


So you need some evergreen shrub such as Pieris japonica or nadina domestica , I have seen some bamboos in the pots and it was very attractive, rhododendrons and camelias are evegreen as well.
Altough, japanese maple Sango Kaku is attractive in the winter because of its coral-red branches. It is a slow grower so it is OK to grow in the pot.

21 Apr, 2013


Osomanthus goshiki which can be pruned to size might be suitable or how about planting some winter flowering heather under your Japanese Malple to take you through the winter. Having a tallish evergreen in a windy situation in a pot could be problematic especially if you are parking alongside. The wind will just whistle through the bare branches of your maple. Even winter flowering pansies, planted in bloom in the autumn will give you the colour you want without the height and if you decide you don't like it you can always try something else.

21 Apr, 2013


I agree with Scotsgran on Osomanthus goshiki as an option ...if you do not want to fuss with seasonal replanting .
It is interesting enough in every season and trouble free . At least mine is.
Let us know what you will choose.

21 Apr, 2013


Thank you, I will look at the Osomanthus, yes I will let you know!

21 Apr, 2013

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