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My pyracantha is 3 years old. I bought it at Walmart. It has grown to 10 feet high, but never any flowers or berries. My husband may have put 10-10-10 fertilizer on it but I have never fertilized. the plant on the picture had berries - does this variety have male and female plants? What can I do so my plant has some orange berries?



Hi Renafaye. At 3 years old your Pyracantha should have started bearing berries in autumn and well into winter as long as your soil is moderately fertile and it is getting enough sun. Even some shade is OK but they hate north facing aspects. They are usually easy going plants and look great if you get snow in Georgia. That doesn't matter though if it isn't bearing berries at all. Are you pruning it? If yes then remember not to cut out last year's wood. They flower (so bear the all important berries) on the previous years wood so until it starts getting out of control then just a light or better, no pruning. Once it does go straggly and woody they will recover from a fairly hard pruning but you won't get berries for a couple of years after. And wear gloves, they are not called 'Firethorn' for nothing. Sorry that is all I can think of for now. If you have any other info to give us then get right back.

21 Apr, 2013

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