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plant exchange I have gorgeous yellow primrose that need splitting after they stop floering and als some rhubarb anyone intersted in plant exchange?


By Anci

Renfrewshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi there Im new to this site and I just love it, is anyone interest in plant exchange I have gorgeous yellow primroses that need splitting after they stop flowring and also some rhubarb that I have inherited in my garden anyone out there interested in plant exchange?




Hi Anci and welcome to GoY we used to have a plant exchange area and it simply didn't get used. Probably petter, if possible, to swap with local gardeners so the plants are not stressed.

28 Apr, 2013


Thanks Moon growe,thats a shame,well as they say use it or lose it I will be traveling to some charity shops distribute my gorgeous primroses! thanks again

28 Apr, 2013


People do send each other plants sometimes though - hope you get a reply (though its a bit late to be moving rhubarb)

28 Apr, 2013


Mind, that is a startlingly bright primula. I'd split it in a couple of months' time when it's clumped up, and plant it out in your own garden in areas of light shade, in groups for effect. I do that at the garden centre when I get the trays of primroses in, pick out the odd exceptionally good one and keep it for me!

28 Apr, 2013


Thanks,Oh lucky you Worthy1 working in a garden centre, I'd love that garden is full of these I have them all over and they are gorgeous running all down the borders lots of people comment on them thanks again x

28 Apr, 2013


Hi Steragram thanks for comment I split my rhubarb about 2years ago at this time and have not had any problems I gave some to my daughters neighbour and its doin great! isnt nature wonderful it can give you lots of surprises!!

28 Apr, 2013


Hello Anci
I would have loved some of your primula ,however i have nothing to swap you unless you want some sweat peas seeds ?

28 Apr, 2013


Hi Anci, I see you are in Renfrewshire, so your rhubarb will not be as advanced as ours in the south west. It's most definitely too late to move ours!

30 Apr, 2013

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