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What do you think I should do with my 3 Cistus. They've been affected by the cold weather. But on each of them there looks like there is life in some branches but other branches look dead. Thanks

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I'd leave the 'dead' branches for another couple of weeks. if no life then cut them back to about 2 " from where they join the main stem. if the lower buds still have viability they will then break. if not then after another couple of weeks cut them out totally.

1 May, 2013


I would do as Sbg suggests, it's probably wind burn, which has the leaves to shrivel like this, and it will take a while for the plant to produce new growth points, Derek.

1 May, 2013


I agree with Sbg... wait a little longer..
the warmer weather is encouraging new life
in shrubs...

1 May, 2013


Many thanks SBG. Invaluable as ever. I have really grown to like these so wouldn't want to loose them altogether .

1 May, 2013


Mine has gone like this too so was pleased to see all your replies, have left mine for the time being and will do as advised in the near future. It is such a shame because before we got the really cold winds it was doing so well. So thanks guys for all your help on this question I have really found it useful. :O)

2 May, 2013


Looking like they do? - dump 'em. You'll wait forever for them to make up and they probably won't. For the wait and labour lost it's worth spending and getting new, honest.

3 May, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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