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By Kasugga

Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom Gb

Hello All.
Now I'm no longer working (yeah!) I've decided to try and grow some fruit and veg. I already have two types of potatoes in bags, as we don't have a proper garden just a concreted yard, and a few red onions. A couple of years ago we bought some blueberry bushes which are fruiting nicely so I felt adventurous and now have some dwarf fruit trees, two apples, one pear, a cherry and a plum.
My question is can I keep these dwarf trees in pots? Do they really need to be planted in the ground? I plan to transfer them to larger pots next year before they get too heavy to handle.
Any advice would be hugely appreciated.



I have two pots with redlove apple trees in them. They seem to be doing well and will have to stay in pots as there is no room for them elsewhere. They were bought as dwarf trees so hopefully will stay dwarf sized.

6 May, 2013


Just get the biggest pots you can find, and make sure they are slightly raised off the ground for drainage.

6 May, 2013


Have you thought of making a raised bed in your back yard?

You can then have a mini garden for growing all sorts of salad crops, cabbages, cauli's etc,
simple to construct and easy to keep weed free.

6 May, 2013


Thanks for the advice, I'll be getting the big pots next year as I've only just repotted them. I don't want to move them again just yet.
Dungy, my brother has given me some thick polystyrene, deep boxes which I intend to use for lettuce, radishes etc. Vehicles, boats, engines and associated periphery stop me from building static raised beds unfortunately.
Thanks everyone, it's much appreciated.

6 May, 2013

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