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By Littlet

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Plant ID please.

This plant is growing very well in my garden at the moment but I have no idea what it is - does anyone know? Many thanks.

Dsc02611 Dsc02613 Dsc02612_x_2



Garlic mustard, a wild plant of the hedgerows. It will grow well and spread practically anywhere!

6 May, 2013


aka Jack by the hedgerow.

6 May, 2013


I have this growing in my garden, I wondered what it was, I have looked it up and found you can use it in recipes + scattered on salads, one lives & learns on here, don't we LOL
Check this web site out.

6 May, 2013


crunch up the leaves and they smell garlicy, taste really good with nettles. i had some the other week on toast!

7 May, 2013


Many thanks for all of your responses.

The recipies look very interesting and so I may give some of them aog and may even try it on some toast.

I'm happy to keep the plant (so long as it doesn't spread too much) as I like the light green colour of the leaves!


7 May, 2013


It matures very quickly and will spread like wildfire, Littlet. I treat it as a weed in my garden, pulled it out from the very narrow space between my greenhouse and concrete path only this morning.

8 May, 2013

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