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By Neellan

denbighshire, Wales Wal

Can anyone please identify the plant I bought today the grower didn't know it's name but it grows to about 3' and has hard red round flowers which he says can be used as cut flowers or dried flowers the nearest description of that flower I can find in my plant encyclopedia is Sanguisorba but it does not describe the leaf!

On plant Sanguisorba?

What_plant_001 What_plant_002



this does look like sanguisorba leaf. They are good plants. :o)

5 Jun, 2013


Thank you so much Seaburngirl, the grower at a local market raved about it but had no idea of the name and asked me to let him know if I found out!!

5 Jun, 2013


there is a native one that I knew as Burnet. a favourite wild flower of my youth.

5 Jun, 2013


I grow salad burnet in my herb bed. The leaves are slightly more rounded than this. It produces spherical dark pink flowers. It seeds all over the place, but is easy to pull up. I should think a more cultivated variety would be lovely.

5 Jun, 2013


Thank you Seaburngirl for the extra information I shall look up Burnet too, the grower did say it spread but that is not a problem here!

Thank you Melchisedec I am so pleased to have this information I only bought the plant this afternoon!

5 Jun, 2013

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