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By Anujag

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone grown Felicia Blue? I think it is an annual, but there isn't much info on the card and on the net the info is confusing. There are obviously annuals, perennials, and 'subshrubs'. Which is mine, from the photos I have added?

Felicia_card Felicia



Grown as annuals for containers, at least in the UK.

9 Jun, 2013


Hi Anujag, it looks like Felicia ameloides ' Santa Anita', a sub shrub, usually grown as an annual, as Steragram says, needs a minimum winter temperature of 37- 41deg f, but best grown as an annual, Derek.

9 Jun, 2013


Thank you Steragram and Derek, If it is a subshrub I was just wondering if it was worth planting it in the ground over the winter and see if it makes it to next summer. No harm trying I suppose :)

9 Jun, 2013


Probably not - our winter temps always go lower that the miniumum Derek mentions.

10 Jun, 2013


hmm :( I am sure you are right Steragram, It just looks so sturdy, and when i heard the term 'sub shrub' I felt a little greedy I guess!

10 Jun, 2013

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