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By Waddy

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone enlighten me regarding Sedums? I have seen a wonderful display today, of various colours and textures and would love to have them in a new bed we are creating. Will they survive the winter? The bed will be south facing, in open ground, so getting full sun but of course open to the elements in the winter. Any advice would really be appreciate. Thanks



Some Sedums are tender house plants but many others are 'tough as old boots' and can even be considered invasive. The outdoor ones prefer a poor soil and full sun; no problem with winter. I like them.

9 Jun, 2013


Waddy - I love sedums and the only problem I have with them is that I find is my soil can hold too much moisture for them. As bulbaholic says poor soil - good drainage is important.
I have better results keeping them in pots - they still do well with no maintenance and very little water and absolutely no feeding!

9 Jun, 2013


I love sedums too, tough plants, always flower well in my well-drained chalky soil, and the bees love them.

10 Jun, 2013


Thanks everyone, I'll try to put some pics on of the developments of the Sedum Bed as it develops :0

11 Jun, 2013

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