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who sells this plant I am told it deters moles

On plant Begonia grandis



there was one last year called scardey cat-- but it didn't work on rabbits!
I found if you put an empty drinks can on to a cane and push the cane into each molehill that you see the moles eventually leave!

1 Feb, 2010


I have Begonia grandis evansiana and though the only truly hardy member of the genus I can't see how it would keep moles away. It has no distinctive pungent smell to tell of. It produces small bulbils down the stems in autumn before dying back. These grow away next year. It is sometimes sold like this rather than full grown plants.

Another plant called Euphorbia lathyris or Caper Spurge (a biennial species) is sometimes called The Mole Plant. Like all Euphorbias their sap is caustic and perhaps secretions from this may deter them. This is sown in open ground being also hardy and will just seed around. Perhaps better for the wild garden though.

1 Feb, 2010


a few yeer a go we had a bull in hte owl medow - it weer awlay coverd in mole hills, but by 3 week after he go in theer weer no hills left. to this day hte molls never return - my thinkin is htat hi stompin gave them big hedache -

1 Feb, 2010

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