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Hello can you please tell me when is the best time of year to plant Heather, is it best grown in the soil or can i grow it in a pot. When dose it flower and when should i feed and do i have to cut it back. Thank you.



Broadly speaking there are two kinds, the winter flowering which is the Ericas and the summer flowering, Callunas.
The Callunas need acid soil so if you grow them in pots they will need ericaceous compost. The Ericas are not so fussy but won't be happy in alkaline soil. They can both be grown in pots if you wish. In the ground you wouldn't normally need to feed them. In pots an annual feed with ericaceous fertiliser should suffice. To keep the plants tidy you run the shears over after flowering to cut most of the dead heads off.
As they are usually sold in pots it doesn't matter when you plant them, but its easiest to buy them when in flower so you can see what you are getting. There's normally a much bigger choice then too.They will normally make quite a large clump within a few years. Hope this answers all your questions!

2 Jul, 2013


Heathers and heaths (calluna and Erica), prefer acid soil conditions (like rhodos and azaleas). Callunas flower in late summer, and are more requiring of acid soil conditions. Ericas are winter flowering, (and long flowering), more tolerant of soil type. They can be planted at any time of the year, with attention to watering, of course. Cutting back, well, trimming, after flowering, and feed by top dressing with a layer of ericaceous compost or similar after pruning.

2 Jul, 2013


Snap, Worthy!

3 Jul, 2013


As i am new to this site and to computers i am trying to send a thank you message to the members who kindly sent me answers to the two questions i have asked. I hope you get this comment and to say your advice has been helpful to me.

4 Jul, 2013


Yes, you got it right.

4 Jul, 2013

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