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Can Monkey Puzzle trees be contained in a large pot?



Kath, I asked this question at my local nursery and was told a definite No! Having seen the size of a fully grown one I now understand why :)

10 Jul, 2013


Exactly. Of course, anything can be containerised (how would we sell them, otherwise), but there's a time limit. I had one for eight years, acquired as a three footer, and substantially bigger than that by the time I sold it. It was also VERY heavy, and very tricky to move around because of the rather uncomfortable ends to the branches!

11 Jul, 2013


Thanks Angie and Worthy we saw them in the Drum garden centre yesterday and WOW so beautiful but smallest would not have gone in car and cold not lift and at end of day too big for garden.

11 Jul, 2013


I kind of agree with the above but my uncle has one planted in his garden which has heavy soil (effectively containerised) and it has been there for 15 years and it was a few years old when bought and still has a juvenile appearance, and not like an adult MP tree. I has grown very slowly and still little more than 1 metre but with branches of the same spread. Putting one in a contained would slow growth.

If you bought a small one and kept it in a container you could easily get 10 years out of it. They need to be deep rather than wide due to the tap root.

I have sown a few of them this spring and the seedling tap rots are all over 6 inches while the tops are between 1-5 cm.

11 Jul, 2013

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