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Does sweetcorn have to come out at end of sumer?

I have been reading that it makes a very good windbreak which I could use down the exposed side of garden, but will have a huge job trying to get it out at end of summer if it looks all manky.

It would be more convenient to leave it in year round, otherwise I will get a fence put up and plant less sweetcorn (just a few in pots). Gardening book I read says it makes a thick wirey matt of leaves when planted close together and is 6ft tall. I was hoping to use this as a type of permanent windbreak that would do more good growing something instead of just plain hedge or fence which is usless. Would anything else work instead maybe if this doesnt????



its an annual so the dead stems will provide some protection until they rot off or blow down.
there are lots of alternatives from willow to heather .

5 Feb, 2010

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