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By Googie

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If I chop my geraniums down and put them out of direct bad weather do you think they will be alright for next year. I have not got a green house but the side of my house is quite undercover. Every year I buy new ones and am finding it expensive.



I could easily say no....;they would all die. geraniums (palargoniums) hate cold and wet. howecver, stranger things have happened and in a dry, mild winter, they may scrape through. Maybe give the roots a good 6" mulch of straw or compost. I wouldn't hold much hope though

1 Sep, 2013


I doubt very much that they will survive outside and I wouldn't chance it. I stored some in my greenhouse a few years ago and even lost them.

Why not cut them right back and store them in a garage or in the house somewhere? You could also use the cuttings you take off to propagate new plants and keep them on a windowsill over the winter. I do this every year and put them into my conservatory until the spring.

1 Sep, 2013


Yes - best thing is to take cuttings. If you can look on iPlayer Monty Don took cuttings on Friday's Gardener's World programme (30th Aug). Cut short pieces just below a joint, take off most of the leaves, and push into gritty compost. Keep warm and dry (spare bedroom?). Good luck.

1 Sep, 2013


Thanks to you all. I think I will try cuttings, I envy all you greenhouse owners. I could always move the husband out and use his office for my plants. mmmmm

2 Sep, 2013

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