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Has anyone tried growing step over apples? I have come across various info about training them but no info from anyone who has actually grown them! pros and cons please. I would love to have some to line a path.



If you mean the very low cordons I have a neighbour who has them all along one side of a path and they are very successful, and not much more than a foot or 18 inches tall.

5 Sep, 2013


I have one growing in my garden. It is 600mm high approx and 1400mm long. No trouble at all, about ten apples on it this year but I dont grow it for the fruit i like the blossom and all the bees that arrive when it is in bloom.

5 Sep, 2013


Thanks they sound lovely-the ready trained trees are v. expensive about £30-£40 but you can buy maiden...? on a dwarf stock. I wonder how long these would take to flower and fruit if I trained them my self? It is possibly beyond my horticultural skills in any event!

6 Sep, 2013


Have you thought of finding a specialist fruit tree grower on the net and asking him? People are usually very helpful.

6 Sep, 2013

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