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By Waddy

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I discovered this garden 'Monster' while tidying up yesterday. It was about as thick as my finger and approx 6inch long. The 'eyes' were actually part of it's skin and there was a tiny horn projection at its end..any ideas what it was please.

Wp_20130903_001 Wp_20130903_003



Look at images of Elephant Hawk moth caterpillar, Waddy - I think this is one of them - quite cute in an odd kind of way!

5 Sep, 2013


Gardeners' World advice is:
Thick, 8cm-long, nocturnal caterpillars strip the leaves off fuchsias during the second half of summer. They hide under the leaves during the day.
Keep a constant lookout, particularly at dusk, for the caterpillars and pick them off, moving them to a clump of wildflowers such as rosebay willowherb or marsh bedstraw. Do not kill them because they go on to form one of the UK's most beautiful moth residents. If leaf damage is minimal, action isn't necessary

5 Sep, 2013


You know with critturs like these who needs Dr Who!

I thought for a start it wasn't real!

5 Sep, 2013


I thought the question was a joke and the 'monster' was really a cuddly toy. Such big eyes and a pretty face!

5 Sep, 2013


I thought it was a joke too. You must protect it Waddy.

5 Sep, 2013


They are lovely caterpillars and should be protected. I agree with the last bit of the GW advice that leaf damage is minimal so don't see any need to disturb them.
Btw, Waddy, do you know the name of the Sedum growing from the bottom left corner of your picture?

5 Sep, 2013


I thought it was a joke too, and laughed when I saw it [it looks like child's toy] thought you had put the pic on here to amuse us!

5 Sep, 2013


I found one too and put a photo and question on about it, and someone else also asked about a week ago. It must be the year of the Elephant Hawkmoth!

5 Sep, 2013


Aw so cute swap you for mine !!

5 Sep, 2013


Thanks for all your comments/answers. I had a feeling it would be the caterpillar of something wonderful. I actually found it crawling quite fast across the drive after I had been tidying up the Dalia's which are in pots at the edge of the drive.
Bulbaholic; I have no idea what the Sedum is on my pic, I just picked up the caterpillar and popped it there for has vanished since.

6 Sep, 2013

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