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Can any of you lovely folk in this great gardening community give me any advice on how best to plant seeds, please?
I don't want to do the propagator and re-potting stuff (because I am a bit impatient and don't have a greenhouse) and think that I can get away with just putting the seeds in the ground straight away. The new seeds I wish to try this year in my garden and a community garden that I am helping to look after are: Mauve Poppy seeds, Sweet pea, Marigolds, Tagetta and Jacobs Ladder if it gives me any seed (not sure). Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me :)



Sweetpea can be put out now to germinate. Jacobs Ladder is also hardy and should self seed. Marigolds, if the French ones (Tagetes) then they are best germinated in spring indoors, though they can germinate outside (slow if you try). Poppy is also best left to next spring.

20 Sep, 2013


If you look in the shops and garden centres for annuals or biennials you can sow them directly where you want them to flower next spring, annuals come up the same year.....i grew troughs of double calendula (marigold) I can save the seeds they have made until next spring.
Sweet williams are biennial, you sow them in the spring and they grow up but do not flower until the next spring, after they have you can sprinkle the seeds ready for the following year.

20 Sep, 2013


Thank you soooooooo much for your responses. I was telling another lady on here that I spent all last night cutting back my Tagetes as they seem to have taken over my back garden! I remember when I got six of them, they were really tiny but have grown so giagantic in all the places I planted them out in! You are correct, as I too notice that the Jacobs Ladder I got from Morrisons in April has grown to twice its original size too!!

Pamg thank you for the Sweet William advice as I never thought of saving seed from these last year. I will have to get some shop bought seed for next year. I have saved loads of Marigold and Tagetes seed and will take them to 'Margaret's Garden' to sow for next year.

I must take photos of my garden tonight as I have had two 'crops' of Sunflowers with each plant giving about 6 to 8 big flowers! I want to cut off the dead and withering ones but the person who gave these to me tells me to leave them on so that I can get the seeds for next year.


26 Sep, 2013

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