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I planted 20 english ivy plants in a clay soil in June. All the plants have shown little growth and now a lot of leaves on most of them have turned red/brown. I am new to gardening and would appreciate any help and advice.

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I would advise you to add a thin layer of top soil or compost to the clay soil. From experience, whatever you do, Ivy will grow wild very quickly and might just be settling in before taking over! I also think that the colour of the leaves is changing because of the type of Ivy you have bought or the constitution of the soil. I personally would not worry too much about this but maybe someone more experienced with this can advise you otherwise.

26 Sep, 2013


I think its probably natural coloration. If you have planted 20 plants you'll probably be back in a year or two asking how to control it! Its normally unkillable so don't worry too much.

26 Sep, 2013


Hi, Thanks for the speedy replies and advice thats put my mind at rest, I was concerned I'd got something wrong. I'll add that thin layer of compost to the soil and here's hoping I'm back for the advice on control soon.

27 Sep, 2013 might want to get yourselves a pair of shears in preparation ;)

27 Sep, 2013

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