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wich male kiwi plant do i need to polinat the actinidia chinensis

On plant Actinidia deliciosa



There are various varieties and I'm surprised that whoever sold you your plant didn't suggest a suitable male variety to pollinate your female plant. The main problem would occur if they didn't flower at the same time.
Although there are several self-fertile types, you get a better crop with one male and several females.
If you have 'Hayward' which is the most commonly sold female variety,
as a later-flowering variety, it is well-matched with the male, Tomuri.
Most garden centres now stock both male and female plants so I'd ask there.
Don't forget that you will need to wait for several years to get fruit anyway, and that flowers are easily frosted as they open in early spring.
Pruning should be fairly strict, bearing in mind that flowers and fruit are borne on one year old wood, rather like grape vines.
In my experience most people just allow their kiwis to romp away which makes a great big vine full of leaves, but no fruit.

17 Feb, 2010

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