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help needed please!!! My daughter is getting married at the beginning of May and I want to provide small pots of flowers to the tables at the reception. My big probem lies in the forward planning because I can't quite remember enough flower names to create the right ideas in my head. Thank you in anticipation. Sue x



off the top of my head dwarf tulips or miniature daffs but you would have to control the flowering, polyanthus or primroses may also work, I have a friend who wanted snowdrops for her february wedding -- it worked but caused a headache :o)

17 Feb, 2010


lily of the valley and what about cormous anenomes not sure about the timing of anenome blanda though. grape hyacinths too. then you could do sprigs of bridal wreath spirea/ wigellia in posey vases instead.

17 Feb, 2010


Anenomes and pinks/carnations can look neat and quite small on the tables and are easy to arrange as well.

17 Feb, 2010


If using small pots make sure they are not top heavy as compost could be messy if knocked over?

17 Feb, 2010


Thank Pamq, seaburngirl, Doctorbob and Drc726 I have taken on board all your suggestions. I was unsure whether spring bulbs would still be in bloom as these are such a great option. The mini daffs sounds wonderful and lily of the valley a great favourite, also the grape hyacinths. Actually each and every one sounds perfect. I have such a lot of organising to do so I am very grateful for all you kind friends for helping me. Love Sue x

19 Feb, 2010

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