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Please suggest a climbing rose (love Rosa 'Climbing Etoile de Hollande') which will happily live in a 50cm deep x 40x40cm wide glazed terracotta pot in a south-eastern position on front aspect of the house? Prefer perfectly full formed blooms as opposed to the open type and colour (blood red, vibrant orange, clear pink or iceberg white). My boyfriend would like as few thorns as possible ;-)




David Austin's sells good Ramblers and Climbing roses. I have two doing well in my garden. However, your boyfriend will hate them as both possess many thorns!

Have a look at this thornless one online -Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose.

27 Sep, 2013


Zephrine Drouhin will not be overly happy in a pot as it is very vigorous so it will need lots of water and food over the year.

Climbing iceberg is good but is also quite vigorous so you will still have the problems of water and nutrients.

27 Sep, 2013


I love Laura Ford for its scent, but it's a lovely yellow and has thorns!

27 Sep, 2013


Look at some of the County Series - smaller, and more suitable for such a pot.

28 Sep, 2013


No climber will be particularly happy in a pot for very long. The natural habit for a climber is to grow tall and it needs to have a good root to anchor it into the ground. 50cm isn't a big pot when it comes to long-living plants (shrubs, trees etc).

Clarence House, from Peter Beales ( is "not very thorny" and PB says it's suitable for pots (they bred it so they should know). It's creamy white with quite a strong perfume.

28 Sep, 2013

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