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Growth on fruit tree rootstockWe have bought some patio fruit trees

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Growth on fruit tree rootstock

We have bought some patio fruit trees. There are a couple of wispy shoots growing from the rootstock. Should I take them off? If so, how should I do it, with a knife, secateurs, scissors?



Yes, cut any growth off below the graft otherwise this will just grow into what the rootstock is and not the intended grafted plant.

You can use whatever method you are most comfortable with to cut it off, but take care not to cut too much of the main trunk of the rootstock bark off.

2 Oct, 2013


Also you need to remove all of the unwanted growth, as any snag left will either sprout new shoots or die back and could cause problems for the tree.

3 Oct, 2013


If the shoots are still green and soft, the best way to remove them is to grab them tight, and pull down and to the side, to remove the base of the shoot, and any dormant buds associated with it. If they are older and woody, better to use a pair of secateurs, held blade in, to remove the shoots as closely as possible to the trunk.

3 Oct, 2013


Thanks very much. It's what I thought I should do, but needed confirmation from you experienced people!

4 Oct, 2013

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