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By Jewells

Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Hello Goy friends I have just acquired a grapevine, Vitis Vinifera 'strawberry' for the garden. However this is new to me. I am going to plant it in the next few days. I live in Suffolk so I am hoping it will do well here. My soil is full of clay so is there anything I need to do to prepare it before planting? If anybody could give me advice it would be great. Thank you Jewells



Ideally grape vines should be planted out in the winter when they are dormant. They need a free draining soil, so I think you will need to improve your clay soil before planting it out. They need as much sun as as you can give it, so a south-facing garden uninterrupted by anything that causes shade. I grow mine in a greenhouse, I don't feed it and it produces lots of grapes each year.

It is very important that you prune it correctly and there's lots of information about this on the internet. Have a look at the RHS site about grape vine pruning which is done in the winter when the vine is dormant and all the leaves have dropped.

Good luck.

18 Oct, 2013


Thank you Myron that is so helpful and I will incorporate lots of grit into my soil. Does it also benefit from any manure? This grapevine has been taken out of a garden and given to me, so it is bare root at the moment. I hope it will survive. Thank you for your help.

18 Oct, 2013


No don't add manure Jewells they grow best with little in the way of food as the vine will put a long tap root down.

19 Oct, 2013

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